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Cir le Gris

is a French tattoo artist based in Paris. The young multidimensional artist essentially works through appointment, which you can schedule via emails. Cir always strives to elevate your project to the greatness it deserves, which is what one on one appointments allow him to do.  The artist focuses on making your project a joint one; to him short cuts and rushing are never an option.

Cir le Gris

dedicates his tattooing to the art of Black & Grey. His yearning to make his craft evolve everyday made him develop a rich background of very unique references. From your first exchange with him, you will be able to feel his genuine curiosity, and he conveys the same energy through his art. Those researches allow him to draw the best out of each concept, to capture the sensitivity as well as the essence of the feeling you wish to convey through your tattoo.

Cir le Gris takes care of each demands sent to him. His priority is to dedicate the necessary time for each project; therefore the answering process can take up to a few days depending on the demand. We thank you in advance for your understanding and want to assure you that the maximum is being done to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

You can book an appointment with Cir le Gris via email at cirlegris@gmail.com



« Aime »: Painting exhibit, March 22nd – April 13th 2019 – PARIS
5 rue d’Italie – 75013
Les Rencontres de l’espace Certalys


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