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Cir Le Gris

was born in the Northern suburbs of Paris. He first started by studying literature and languages before quickly realizing that his purpose was somewhere else. At 21, he decided to quit college and dedicate his life to a savoir-faire. He was paving the way for his true self to come out, constantly sharping the movements of his hands to create and express whatever lied beneath the surface. Tattooing and painting were the obvious tools that manifested to him, they appeared as the logical approach he would use to experience and express life.

Drawn to science, architecture, anatomy, rituals, the mind, the body and the deep relationship between the two, he relentlessly works at connecting all these interests to build his vision, in an authentic way, through every art form he chooses. Cir le Gris is passionate about the ever-changing nature of expression created through the art of tattooing, which leads him to research how to express it in new forms every day. This curiosity often leads him to other art forms and movements like Romanticism, clair-obscur, tenebrism, sculpture and painting to only mention a few. What he looks for in those art forms is the attention given to shapes, movements, lights and texture, his favorite tools in tattooing. Cir le Gris is a soul eager to learn and share, striving to put his sensitivity to good use.


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